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Rio's Battle with Osteosarcoma

Our day to day life with OSA

April 15th- 22nd U of Mn Oncology Visit

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Tuesday April 15th- Chest films performed at reg DVM, both right and left lateral views and an attempt for a VD view, it was hard on him and being a large breed dog, we were lucky enough to get him to jump on the table willingly… Stopped after a few fights having him lay on his back, I could tell he was sore and getting stressed out, but so far one DVM said chest films looked okay and looked clear from mets. Gave him one pain medication with dinner and he rested comfortably. Still seems awkward in his gait but is completely able to jump up and run without obviously limping afterwords. Consult on the 22nd with oncology.

Tuesday April 22nd, met with several people today. U of M vet students, My Oncology DVM and Surgeon. Mentioned he has some slight knee issues the way the stand inward and a little back sensitivity- but over all he would be a great candidate for amputation. They offered a clinical trial where they could inject something into the bone lesion and it would show oxygen levels but then would need a day to recover from that before proceeding with surgery. They recommended a bone biopsy and went over all other possible causes that it could be. But I knew with his breed, gender and age that it was osteosarcoma and I really didn’t want to prolong anything any longer. I already took time off work so lets do this. Rio got the go ahead and will have surgery tomorrow sometime. I have to drop him off at 7:30AM, and they will keep me posted. No news is good news. He will likely be staying a day or 2 overnight there as well. They mentioned since he still has been using his leg quite well he may have a harder time adjusting to the changes because he is still actively using the leg- not to say he is not in pain though. I made sure to go over pain medication and they opted to leave an indwelling catheter in so I can inject bupivicane injections for up to 72 hours as needed. Total cost today 1,892 + 52.95 for the Ruff Wear dog harness I just ordered to help assist him around. Hoping to get to chuck and dons food outlet today to pick up some new food for him and anything else I think he might like and hopefully can use gift cards for those expenses. The rest of my day will be prepping for him coming home Thursday or Friday. I’m really nervous and scared but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he had to know what was going on and he seemed so relaxed with everyone and did so well being somewhere completely new. It made me feel better and saddened looking in his eyes because I knew I was doing all I could do to help him but all he saw my face, I tried to smile at him and continuously told him he was such a good boy. Right now he is laying in the sunshine on the deck, his favorite thing…. as a 4 legger 🙂 Staying positive. I couldn’t thank my parents enough for being there to support me. Even though I knew my decision and knew the facts and outcomes it helped not feeling alone in the process. Every day is blessing.


"Whats all the big fuss about Mom?!"

“Whats all the big fuss about Mom?!”

Wiping tears on my babies back ;(

Wiping tears on my babies back ;(

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