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Rio's Battle with Osteosarcoma

Our day to day life with OSA

April 24th- Day after amputation

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Thursday April 24th- Got a phone call around 7:15am from the DVM saying Rio had quite a rough night, I didn’t talk to her specifiaclly but my Mom had told me the news, I felt horrible. I felt like I knew what he was going through and I just wanted him home. I called around 2pm for a check up and the technician say he was doing very well which was a relief. I was hoping time would be on his side and he would be feeling better day to day. The technician said she would call me back in an hour to give me a more updated report. I was a little worried at first but since he pulled through surgery and anesthesia he should be just fine. She called back telling me he was doing really well and think he could go home tonight. I prepped everything up for his arrival and thought everything through. My Dad and I stopped by my work for a beer to calm my nerves and headed back to the U for the 3rd time. We followed instructions and waited in the specified area. Which were to follow the blue paw prints into the cubicles…odd but it worked out really well and I thought this was a great place giving the thought and privacy they had obviously thought through. My Dad had ran to the restroom while I peered down the long hallway waiting for my boy to turn the corner but at the same time feared seeming him as well. At the same moment my Dad came out I saw my boy, ears back, hopping along, assisted by 2 technicians, in a bright teal bandage walking my way. I looked over at my Dad and gasped, immediaitely I began to cry and ran his way finding myself on my knees hugging my boy and crying as if I hadn’t seen him in years. I know he felt the same. We went over a lot of discharge instructions and I learned he loved his injectable Bupivacane medication. We walked out to the car, a long dreaded walk it seemed and I worried about him constantly. We made one stop for him to take a break but at certain points he was actually pulling me out of that place and before I knew it he was jumping into my car and within 2 minutes he was sound asleep. At that point, I knew all he wanted was what he knew all his life. He wanted me, he wanted what we shared together and nothing else than to comfort each other and be within each others presence. As I am writing this right now I am laying on a mat my father “borrowed” from the airport with about 10 blankets and equal as much pillows and towels, taking up the whole 3rd level. We are comfortable though. Rio is snoring and I know he believes in me and I believe in him. One of the hardest days in my life has shown me how having a positive attitude changes your aspect in more ways than you can think. It can change your day to day life, because you realize that every day can drastically change without warning or it can be a blessing. You must take it for what it is and embrace it. I love you Rio and I will always be here for you even through your horendously stinky farts right now!


Rio's first night home ;)

Rio’s first night home 😉

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May 2, 2014 @ 1:52 am   Reply

So sweet Nikki!! 🙂

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