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Rio's Battle with Osteosarcoma

Our day to day life with OSA

April 23rd- The Big Day

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April 23rd Rio’s surgery day. Brought him in at 7:30am, sobbing the whole way, checked in, took his collar off and waited in the waiting room. Everyone seemed very nice and I trusted what was going to happen. They came over shortly after with a new collar for Rio to wear and I removed his gentle leader. At that point the two technicians clearly saw the welts of tears in my eyes and reassured that they would take great care of my big boy. I watched him walk away in the maroon slip leash, Rio turned and looked at me 3 times and tried to stop and come back with me. I cried almost hysterically. I got into my car and drove home I couldn’t stop thinking about the look in his face when I left him and I imagined what if this is the last time I see him. I know from reading articles many owners feel this way and many owners love their pet as much as I do. They said his surgery should start around 10am. I got a phone call around 1pm that he was in recovery and they were placing a chest bandage on him. Anesthesia went well. They would call back when he was fully awake. Another phone call around 5pm and they had mentioned they did give him more sedation drugs (I’m guessing morphine) because he was very vocal while waking up and I am guessing painful as well. That worried me because I can imagine and just hear my poor boy. I felt horrible. But she informed me that he was resting comfortably and had lifted his head up a few times but will feed him when he is more awake. I am thinking he will probably be home Friday I am hoping and plan on visiting him tomorrow around 5 or 6pm. I didn’t want to go right away in the morning because I feel like he will still be in rough shape and hopefully by later in the day he will be in a little better spirits. I had my Dad bring home some mats from the airport for both of us to sleep on and I think they will work perfect. I am really looking forward to taking him home and taking care of him because I know how happy I will be when I see him wag his big ol’ tail, hang his head low and hop back to his mama. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully he makes it through the night and rests well.


One of our more "favorite" car ride adventures :)

One of our more “favorite” car ride adventures 🙂

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