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Rio's Battle with Osteosarcoma

Our day to day life with OSA

April 26th- 3 days post-op Amputation

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April 26th- 3 days post-op, Had a good day yesterday, he has a little uncomfortable and started whining a lot last night, we got him out and he finally pooped! He was very tired afterwords and seemed to rest comfortably throughout the night. Pain medication routine seems to be keeping him comfortable. Slept well, until 11am actually! ate dinner, and found out how to eat his kong without an extra “arm” to help hold it. Overall day went pretty well. Decided to change his bandage a day earlier because it was slipping a lot and he started having a large seroma on his chest. His incision looks great! Minimal discharge and a little swelling in spots that I clearly expected to see. His soaker catheter is still in place and will need to come out tomorrow. I am a little nervous to take it out because I think it is helping control his pain a lot. He has gotten up on his own to eat and drink and even during the night he got up to lay on the couch with success! Taking him out is still a chore and he gets pretty tired, I kind of dread taking him out because it is a lot of work so have been trying to time everything and keep everything to a routine the best I can. His appetite seems great so far and has been getting lots of extra treats. So far so good. I was really nervous last night with the amount of whining but I think he really just needed to poop. His stomach doesn’t seem as gurgle today either. I did find one good thing that I think he liked a lot was to mix a little chicken broth with water and freeze them in ice cube trays. He absolutely loves it. I recommend it for any dogs with a finicky appetite and you could always add pedi-sure or something too. So far no stairs, which is recommended, but he will pull me down the small hill in the backyard if I let him. I recommend anyone who has to sling a large breed down through anything but grass to wear boots because between 140lbs of dog feet stepping on you accidentally or small branches you will get small scrapes on your feet! Right now resting comfortably after bandage change… Dinner to come soon. So far our medications are Bupivicaine via his cather every 6 hours. 3 capsules 500 mg Chephalexin (antibiotic) 2 caps Gapabentin every 12 hours and Codeine 50mg every 6 hours, he is also on Rimadyl (NSAID) 1 1/4 every 12 hours as well. I did but him some grain free food, Organix and Merrick mixed together and have been feeding him anything else really he feels like, especially to hide his pills. Going to try for another poop later!


My incision looking pretty good!

My incision looking pretty good!

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