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Rio's Battle with Osteosarcoma

Our day to day life with OSA

April 27th- 4 days post-op Amputation

Filed under: Uncategorized — nikkiweber at 4:57 am on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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April 27th- 4 days post-op. Overall an okay day. He got up to lay on the couch in the middle of the night and let out a big yelp, I’m not sure what happened but I felt horrible and got up to try and fix his bandage a little as you can imagine being a Dane they are not the easiest type of breed to bandage with their deep chest. I gave him an injection through his soaker cathether and another dose of oral codeine. Eventually he laid back down on the floor with me and we slept well into the afternoon. He seemed a little down today- pretty much all day. Not interested in much water, so I did the ice cube trick several times today. Also rebandaged him like twice, he has some significant seromas on his ventral chest so I am trying to keep them bandaged as well as I can. It has been raining all day which doesn’t make it fun to go outside, I placed a t-shirt over the bandage and threw it in the dryer to make it warm and wrap him back up with it when need be. Did eventually eat okay but attitude overall seemed pretty low today and restless. It is hard watching him go through this but I gave him a good massage and he seems to love that. No poops today but he did pee several times, and walked on his own better, even got up from laying down to say hi to grandma on the couch and to eat his dinner. Not too much of a productive day which is probably a good thing, he did get up on the couch on his own as well again. Incisions still look great no drainage. Will keep his Bupivicaine going until I run out. Unfortunately it is supposed to rain the next several days so we will just be battling that. Thats all for now!

Bandage Change! "Lets Go Wild Hockey!

Bandage Change! “Lets Go Wild Hockey!

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