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Rio's Battle with Osteosarcoma

Our day to day life with OSA

Rio’s 6 month post op.

Filed under: Uncategorized — nikkiweber at 5:57 am on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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When we first got the diagnosis the Dvm said 6-9 months life expectancy. Well… We are almost at our 6 month mark! The 23rd of this month to be exact. I am so proud of my boy but so nervous at the same time, its like creeping up on the ineveitable or plowing through it. I think about it damn near every day. One day I wake up and see the creeping signs of a dramatic decline and just want nothing more than to see what is in front of me but know that it is my sole responsibility to act quickly and know the outcome is not fixable to a certain point. Its hard to look at him and know his time is limited. BUT! 🙂 He is doing SO well!

Brought him in for a good screen about a month ago. Chest X-rays left and right side (hard to do a VD view on a 3 legged dane) and nothing suspicious. 🙂 I was of course thinking the worse that his lungs would show a tennis ball size tumor but they looked great! Did a full work up on his blood; all within normal limits. SO I was very pleased that his chest rads and bloodwork showed a happy and healthy boy for now. We also aspirated a few lumps and they showed nothing suspicious.

A week later we got a call from his other Vet who has been performing his Echocardiograms for the past several years. He was diagnosed around 2 yrs old with sub aortic stenosis ( a narrowing of his aortic valve which can decrease blood flow properly into and out of the heart vessels). We went in for another Ultrasound procedure. Since his last scary visit they believed his heart murmur had gotten dramatically worse so I figured I needed to find out how bad we were talking here…

Well, the good news continues! His heart showed great contractility and proper blood flow! DVM said he may never truly need an echo again! He has had a long on going heart condition which for anyone who owns a Dane knows thats is more than a relief to hear! He shouldn’t need an Echo anytime soon. 🙂 Apparently when diagnosed at a certain age and follow ups years or less later usually define whether or not this will be something that brings your dog down or not. Usually it will occur within years of diagnosis and Rio’s has been stable. SUPER HAPPY! I have to admit I was not looking forward to the expense of heart meds for a 130lb dog!

SO all in all Rio is doing great! Still have not done chemo or any further cancer treatments. He is happy and pain free, maybe a little slower and takes a little bit more to recover from running around the lake but he keeps up! Just like he always has! Nothing makes me happier than to see my boy run full speed into my arm and damn near knock me out and just the look he gives me makes everything worth it and so much clearer for your mind and soul. You’re living day to day with someone (or dog 🙂 who you know is terminal and its an outlook on life that I will never take for granted. I just can’t help but wonder when that day will come when I know he is declining. It will be so hard. And i know that I will face it and I know it will feel horrible but nothing in the world will prepare me to loose the best friend and my rock in my life.

OVERALL- Happy update! He has enjoying going up north every weekend the last month while mama is hunting ducks and has done so well. I have my baby back and I never take that second for granted.

I don’t have any new pictures to share but will be posting soon on our upcoming weekend. He is one true tripod living life to the fullest right now and he deserves every minute of it. I hope he could understand fully, how PROUD i am of him and I hope he knows I love him more than anything I ever have had in my life.

CURRENTLY- snoring on the couch with his nose behind my back, dreaming and twitching those strong 3 legs 🙂 Thanks so much for everyones support! I know this won’t be the last nor the easiest update I feel coming in the future but our goal is Christmas 🙂 which will be our 8 month goal! Crossing fingers!


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October 14, 2014 @ 2:34 pm   Reply

Yay, Rio!

It’s so encouraging to read about someone else going through the same thing with another AMAZING Dane. Lily will be 6-months post-op in early November. Unfortunately, we did find a small lung met on Friday, which was devastating. But, it’s not the end and we will continue to fight until it’s time to say goodbye. Like you, I feel every day is a gift and I want her to have the most fun we can give her while she’s here. Seeing her book it around the park full speed chasing squirrels makes me smile so big it hurts!

Best wishes to you and Rio on your journey! He sounds like a very happy Dane living a supremely happy Dane life. Snoring on the couch with twitching legs is exactly what Lily is doing right now….

-Kerry and Lily



October 18, 2014 @ 7:07 pm   Reply

Oh WOW! I don’t know how I missed your update Rio, this is FANTASTIC! Your story is just so hopeful, so inspawrational, we are thrilled that life is good and you’re rockin’ and rollin!

I’m going to put this in our “Size and Age” matters discussion forum topic so people can see how well you’re doing. I think a lot of us missed this because it was a really busy blogging day when this went up.

Congrats gorgeous!!!!



October 19, 2014 @ 1:09 am   Reply

This is an awesome update. I also missed this. I am glad you posted an update for Rio to help others out.

Keep kicking butt Rio

Michele & Angel Sassy

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